The Hulafrog Audience

The following results are from Hulafrog’s survey of 3,114 subscribers taken during May 2016.

The Hulafrog Audience

  • 97% of subscribers are women
  • 98% of subscribers have children at home
  • 80% are between the ages of 25-44
  • 85% have a college degree or higher
    • 36% have an advanced degree
  • 54% have an annual household income of $100,000 or higher

The Hulafrog Mom & Her Family

  • How many kids at home?
    • 31% of subscribers have 1 child
    • 69% have 2 or more
  • Boys or girls?
    • 72% have at least one boy
    • 71% have at least one girl
  • How old are her kids?
    • 100% have at least one child under the age of 12
    • 84% have a child 4 or younger
  • Percentage who have a child that is age:
    • 0-2 (Baby/Toddler) 32%
    • 3-4 (Preschool Age) 52%
    • 5-11 (Elementary School Age) 51%
    • 12+ (Middle/High School Age) 25%
  • 39% will likely have more kids
    • 8% are pregnant
    • 16% are planning to have another child
    • 15% are “leaving their options open” for additional kids
  • 64% have pets

Engaged, Loyal, Viral

  • 75% of subscribers have contacted a business or attended event after finding it on Hulafrog
    • 99% intend to do so in the future
  • 76% of users have shared Hulafrog content with friends or family
  • 99% of subscribers would refer a friend to Hulafrog in the future
    • 62% have already done so

Social Influencers

  • 90% are on social media at least several times per week
    • 78% are on at least one time per day
    • 93% use Facebook
    • 65% use Pinterest
  • 73% like to share content with other moms in their community
  • 45% are active in a local parent group or school organization
Hulafrog Mom

The Hulafrog Consumer

  • 82% are the primary shopper for their household
  • 83% are the decision maker for kids’ activities for their household
  • 82% make purchases online at least once per month
  • Within the next 18 months...
    • 87% are planning a vacation
    • 38% are planning for home renovations
    • 95% will purchase clothing/shoes for their kids
    • 78% will purchase clothing/shoes for themselves
    • 71% beauty/personal care products
    • 66% will purchase educational products
    • 80% will purchase kids toys/games
    • 61% will purchase books
Working Mom

HulaMoms @ Work

  • 45% work full time
  • 24% work part time
  • 31% stay at home full time to care for their child(ren)
  • Moms planning to make a change within the next 18 months:
    • 11% plan to change jobs
    • 8% plan to go back to the workforce full-time
    • 19% plan to look for part-time work
    • 10% plan to start a business or work for themselves

Notable & Quotable

A small sample of unedited comments from subscribers who took Hulafrog’s survey.

Thank-you for such a useful and meaningful website!

Every day I get an activity schedule with suggestions for my family. I don’t have to spend an hour in the morning trying to arrange activities for my kids, I just jump on Hulafrog!

Love Hulafrog!

We moved here a few years ago and we love turning to Hulafrog for events, activities, new places to visit and more. We have visited restaurants, bouncy places, parades, nature centers, found gymnastics, boys sports and more through Hulafrog. We don't need to look elsewhere - you plan our weekend for us! Thanks, Hulafrog!

Hulafrog rocks. I check it out in cities that I visit and tell all I know about it.

Hulafrog brings neighborhood “mom and pop” business right to your home. It showcases the best our community had to offer.

I love the website for finding events for my very busy 4 year old twins :)

I adore your graphics! Those frogs make me smile!

Your website is a great resource for all the “happenings” around town for children. I often refer friends to your site and think you are doing a wonderful job!

Love the new mobile format!

LOVE Hulafrog!!!

I am so excited about your website! When I found it I was very surprised and grateful to be able to find one place to keep tabs on what activities are going on in our area. Thank you so much!

I love Hulafrog! A friend of mine told me to check it out and I use it s a daily/weekly resource for planning activities and finding local play places/swim lessons/etc. I have sent many hulafrog links to friends when they too are searching for children’s activities :)

Keep up the good work! It has been great to find events for our little one to enjoy!

Awesome site love it!

I love hulafrog - what a great local resource!!

I LOVE the weekend guide!!

Hulafrog is amazing. It is great to have the latest information for children emailed to you. it is a safe and trusted website among Moms.

Love Love Love you guys!!

Love your site! My daughter and I depend on the Hulafrog site to find fun things to do! Thank you!

Great options for local families that supports local business!

You guys rock!!

It’s nice to find out what’s going on locally on the weekend- who has time to read the paper or research fun things to do when you're a parent?

Hulafrog is great. Won’t think about starting out a week without it.

This is the best one-stop place to scout out local events in our area. I am so pleased Hula Frog now covers our area. It makes life SO much better!! Thank you!

‘In Hulafrog I Trust!’ Hulafrog is my go to trusted site...Hulafrog knows my needs as a parent, and provides timely, relevant “stuff” that's important to me.

Love this site!!! Keep it up!

Love the weekend events that you send out...if a small business is having some sort of promo or event it is a great way for me to know to check it out!

Trust. I trust Hulafrog because in today’s world there is not a lot of extra time or money and knowing that they recommend a place, an event, a business and hearing other moms chime in seals the deal for me. I love it.