The Exotic Resort Zoo

The Exotic Resort Zoo

235 Zoo Trl
Johnson City
, TX 78636

HOURS: Mon. - Sun.: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
CALL:  (830) 868-4357
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A zoo safari adventure right in the Texas Hill Country, you say? It's true! The whole family will have a blast at the Exotic Resort Zoo.

Upon arrival, you'll begin your adventure through 137 sprawling wooded acres, where 700+ exotic animals (at last count) from 80 different species will invite you into their home.

But first, get ready to share this experience to the fullest by purchasing a bucket of feed, so that you can socialize and hand feed everything from American Bison, Scottish Highlanders, Bactrian two-hump Camels and Zebras.

The professional tour guides will look forward to sharing amazing facts about some of our more unique 'personalities', as well as educational information about how The Exotic Resort Zoo extends and preserves their way of life by allowing them to thrive and multiply without the threats they would experience in the wild.

Your adventure doesn't stop there! When you're done with the guided tour, be sure to stop in and have your own close-up encounters with more of the young babies in our multiple petting zoo areas. You can even extend your stay further and bring your own lunch to relax to enjoy a picnic meal under our large tree covered picnic area.

There is also exclusive access to the kangaroo exhibit, catch and release fishing pond, and a large playscape area for the kids. If you bring a bucket of feed down to the cabin area, many of the animals will come over and you can feed them directly for as long as you like (especially the camels). Beyond that - just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful views overlooking the majestic hill country!



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