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Elspeth’s Reviews

Chippewa Nature Center

The Nature Center is an incredible community resource. The staff really take the time to educate children and adults about nature and animals. They are creating a generation with a love of the environment.

Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum

My family always enjoys their time here. It is clean and well designed. Masking is enforced. The multicultural exhibits and hands on science encourage learning. The staff are friendly.

The Playground - Midland

I used to enjoy this space. Currently, masking is not being enforced by staff members, which means both adults and children are using the space unmasked. In addition, I have seen them operate at a capacity greater than 50 people, which is the current legal maximum to prevent COVID-19 mass exposure. When I tried to dialogue with management about this issue, their reaction was extremely negative and angry. They insulted me personally and brought my young, masked, appropriately behaving daughter into the issue. I was frankly, shocked, by the unprofessional response and the disproportionate level of anger. My family will not be back.

Imagine: A Center for Community and the Arts

Amazing place! You arrive to free parking, walk inside, and discover that hundred of colorful paintings decorate the walls. Your kids slip out of their shoes and walk into a two story building full of puzzles, books, bikes, blocks, trains, a huge toy grocery store/bakery, climbing structures, marble runs, slides, swings, a library, musical instruments, ball pits, a three story pirate ship, and a two story castle. Love at first sight! Plus, parents can enjoy a lunch in lunchroom and still keep an eye on their kids as they dig in the rice table, do messy sensory play, use Playmobil sets, or color--making it genuinely possible for a mom to NOT have to inhale her meal in four minutes flat. They are open daytime and evenings, seven days a week. This place is amazing!