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Success Reading provides educational products and services that help parents and educators bring children up to a level of reading smoothly and easily in a very short amount of time. These products and services are designed for use with young children being introduced to reading for the first time as well as with older students that need to improve their reading skill level. One of these is a reading program which includes using the phonics cards developed by Success Reading. The program starts with the Basic and Advanced Phonics Cards to familiarize students with the sounds each letter and combination of letters make. (See card descriptions below.) The flexibility of this program allows for easy adaptation to the skill level of any child, yet has enough structure to enable anyone to successfully help a child learn to read. It can be used as a stand-alone program or as a supplement to what is being taught in school.

The program is fun and enjoyable for children. They rapidly learn to read while steadily increasing their skills to the point of reading with effortless fluency. In addition to reading with smooth and easy fluency, students that do this program also improve their reading comprehension.



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