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Memory Chalkboard Posters

Memory Chalkboard Posters

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Thank you for visiting my small home business page! Memory Chalkboard Posters are simply handmade, chalk-like memorable posters that capture special events, moments, and milestones in your life! These handmade posters are durable and can be used as a photo prop or be hung in a frame to cherish for a lifetime! Now, down to the basics! What kind of posters can I make? I can make anything requested of and the prices vary! The most popular kind of posters are the first birthday ones. They are seriously perfect for those first cake smashes and as a keepsake to remember your little ones first year at home! Aside from that, I have made pregnancy announcements, newborn announcements, and graduation announcements. These posters can become anything you want them to be! So please message me if you have a special request!

A few of the frequently asked questions that I get:

1.How big is the poster? The biggest poster that I use is the regular standard size poster. It measures 22 in. by 28 in.

2. Is it a real chalkboard? Real chalkboards cost a lot of money, which would raise the price of work plus material fees close to $100. I do not use real chalkboards. I use posters.

3. Do you use real chalk and can it be wiped off? I do not use chalk whatsoever. Chalk would wipe away so fast that it would not even make it past a few hours. I use special markers that do not wipe off. These are meant to last as long as you make it last. Hang it up on a frame!

4. How does processing and shipping run? I usually ask for one week to do the poster plus shipping if needed! ($6.00 extra)

5. What if I need the poster in less than week? I do charge $10.00 rush service if you need the poster in less than a week!

6. I need the poster in a month. Can you reserve a spot for me? I DO NOT hold spots. The only way your spot will be reserved is if you have paid beforehand.

7. What kind of payment do you take? How does it work? I accept cash or PayPal (easier for me). Payment must be made before I start to work on the poster. If you are paying through PayPal please send me your email address so I can invoice you! Invoices are due on the date specified !

8. What information do you need for a first birthday sign? I will need the following: (Please include as much information as if listed or as much as you can! Please be advised, poster space is limited so I cannot include EVERYTHING. If you have a special request of something that you would definitely want to be put, please let me know! I always include the height, weight, and teeth for all the posters.

Child's Name (Middle or last if you wish as well):
Child's Loves (AT LEAST 5):
Child's Likes (AT LEAST 5):
Child's Firsts (AT LEAST 5):
Child's Weight:
Child's Height:
Child's # of Teeth:
*A short sentence of something unique or funny the child does*




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