Little White Boxes - Judy Kessler

Little White Boxes - Judy Kessler

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When I was a little girl, one of the most anticipated things about the holidays
was receiving the little white boxes of candy and sweets from my Grandmother.
She worked at the Russell Stover Candy Company in Topeka, Kansas. Later she
became the owner of the "Nifty Nut House Bakery and Candy Store". It was very
far from my home in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, but the distance was
shortened on holidays and special occasions by the delivery of the little white boxes”.
Minutes seemed like hours as I sat on the front porch watching for the mailman
and hoping I would see his arms full of little white boxes. Packaged in colorful
wrappings, sugar delights filled those little white boxes. There were lollipops with
faces, hard candies and candied fruit slices. Although, what laid on the bottom
was the most sought after treat of all, Nanny's homemade pecan pralines! These
pralines from my grandmother always made me feel like I was back in her loving
arms. My little sister would tear into her little white box and eat everything in one
day, but I would only eat little bites each day until the last goodie was gone. I
wanted that sweet, creamy flavor and the warmth of my grandmother to stay
forever. When Nanny died, she left behind her special recipes for my mother to
carry on the tradition. My mother lived many miles away but when we visited she
always tried to make Nanny's pralines so it would remain special to us, but
something was missing . . . . . . . . . "The Little White Boxes"!

My mother is past on now and the receipt remains with me, Judy Kessler. As I
bake these desserts and make the treasured pralines, I remember those days
when the "Little White Boxes" arrived to bring joy to a little girl who anxiously
waited. So the tradition continues. In these "Little White Boxes" are southern
desserts made with lots of sugar, memories and love!

Please enjoy them, Judy



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