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Acorn KinderHouse

Acorn KinderHouse

5300 Maybee Rd.
, MI 48346

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We believe that children should be surrounded with a sense of calm, beauty, and warmth. At Acorn KinderHouse the aroma of baking bread fills the air, and the children are busily engaged in active play. We strive to surround the children with a home like environment filled with toys which are simple and natural. They are also designed to engage a child’s natural inclination toward imitation and activity. The young child learns through doing, and therefore opportunities for purposeful work abound: preparing vegetables for soup, gardening, woodworking -- all kinds of activities that enliven the imagination and strengthen the body. The teacher strives to bring forth these activities in a kind, loving, noble manner, worthy of imitation.

We believe that children see their work in school as play, fostering wonder and possibility, thus strengthening them from within in a lasting way and building the foundation for future academic success. We believe that a predictable daily rhythm, allows children to feel secure. At the Acorn KinderHouse a typical day’s activities are rich with watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, songs, fairy tales, puppet plays, and story time: these activities are designed to develop small motor skills, cultivate listening, concentration and language skills, number skills and teach children how to cooperate in a group.

We believe that children benefit from being in nature. To that end the children go outside every day, in every kind of weather, to play and romp and sled and skip. This outdoor time is precious, and is an integral part of the curriculum. We believe - and science now confirms - that free play, in rain or shine, is essential to good health and balanced brain development. However, it also connects children deeply to the world in which they live, helping them become not only better students but also more responsible global stewards.

We base our beliefs on the writings and philosophy of Rudolf Steiner and our curriculum is inspired by Waldorf Education which he developed. Our teacher has over 10 years of experience working with young children and is Waldorf trained as well as having been trained and taught other cutting edge curriculum such as High Scope.

(The KinderHouse welcomes peoples of all faiths, creeds and beliefs is located at 5300 Maybee Rd. Clarkston Mi within the Sashabaw Presbyterian Church)



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