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CodeSpark Academy



CodeSpark is the world’s most innovative system for teaching young kids about computer science. We have play tested our way to a custom curriculum for kids 5-8. codeSpark’s “pick up and play” game mechanics are specifically designed to appeal to a broad range of learning styles and abilities. In our tablet based game, players control characters called Foos. Problems are solved, games are made and things are built by programing Foos. Now and then a Glitch gets loose and messes things up.

The explosion of interest in learning about programming intersects with the massive adoption of tablets and a failure by schools teach about computer science to create a massive global opportunity for self-guided education. codeSpark is a subscription service that is much more effective than any of the current “learn to code” apps and much cheaper than private tutors or code academies. codeSpark’s founders are two geek dads who are successful entrepreneurs and who have decades of experience in subscription based services and online games

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