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Gloucester County Hero Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Gloucester County Hero Scholarship Fund, Inc.

PO Box 195
, NJ 08071

CALL:  (856) 244-6005
EMAIL(mmcenery@gchero.org)   |     |   FACEBOOK


The Gloucester County Hero Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping with the needs of the families of emergency services responders who have lost loved ones in the line of duty.

Our strategy for charitable giving is three fold. First and foremost, we help the families of fallen public safety personnel by providing immediate living and medical expenses within the first 48 hours after a documented line of duty death. Second, it is our mission to assist individuals who suffer a catastrophic injury or illness in the line of duty and may have an extended recovery resulting in a prolonged absence from their occupation; or are unable to return to work due to the injury or illness. This aid helps to offset medical, rehabilitation, and living expenses that may not be covered by insurance. Third, we assist the children of public safety personnel to continue on to college, particularly in situations in which a parent has died in the line of duty.

The genesis of the Fund was the tragic death of a volunteer firefighter in early 1995. It was discovered that no financial support structure was in place to assist the family of emergency personnel severely injured or killed in the line of duty in Gloucester County. Extensive medical bills and typical living expenses crippled the firefighter’s family. Aid was sought and provided by neighboring Camden County Hero Scholarship Fund. In response, the Gloucester County Hero Scholarship Fund was established in 1995 and is currently represented by a twenty-one member volunteer executive Board of Trustees. The panel is made up of both emergency and non-emergency personnel, including five from fire service, five from EMS, five law enforcement personnel, and six civilians. The Gloucester County Hero Scholarship Fund is represented by legal counsel, who is active in the day-to-day operations of the Fund and sits on the Board of Trustees



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