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4 Healthy Habits Your Clan Can Keep

February 26, 2020

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Hang in there, Momma! We're just climbing out of the winter frost and peak flu season is almost behind us. And we promise, the days are slowly but surely getting longer and lighter. So, it's the perfect time to gut-check your family habits. If you slipped during the frigid winter or chaotic holiday season, don't panic. We've got some easy, and even innovative ways to get you and the fam back on the health wagon. 


Tip 1: Get moving outside (just bundle up)!

Not only will your vitamin D levels perk up, but your body and mind will thank you. Cabin fever is real and even ten minutes outside will reinvigorate the fam. Grab the kiddos for a brisk walk before dinner. Have a dog? Even better! Kiddos should get at least 30 daily minutes of exercise (grown-ups can get away with 20 minutes if they do it daily).

Gloves, hats, and layers will keep you warm so go on a hike! Got an infant? Babywearing is easy and we assure you, the extra 20 pounds on your back will work up a sweat!

Funky weather alternative: dance party inside the house!


Tip 2: Change your own habits, first. 

One of the hardest things to keep up while raising a family is, well, yourself. Sometimes, we lose ourselves in the shuffle and before you know it, you're rocking a weekly fast food habit and you are too exhausted to think, let along go to the gym. You deserve self-care. In fact, you need it to take care of others. 

Consider trying a lifestyle app, like Noom, that uses behavior modification as a tool to help you with your food, exercise, and self-motivation. With an online coach, food logging, and a mindful approach to eating, you'll find yourself making healthier and more sustainable choices. And these choices will influence your family. 


Tip 3: Wash hands OFTEN and PROPERLY

Frightening fact: 95% of people don't wash their hands properly. (Wait, what?)

Washing your hands often and correctly is one of the strongest defenses against illness. The CDC recommends thoroughly washing your hands for 15-20 seconds. (Check out this handy tutorial here and never wash the wrong way again).

Got a little one who can't possibly hold out for that long? Sing the ABCs or make a game out of counting to 20. Whatever you've got to do, get it done!

Tip 4: Make Healthy Snacking Easy 

After-school snacks and the in-between noshes your kids crave don't have to be processed or pre-packaged. Have bowls of fruit on the table, yogurt ready for the taking, and nuts on hand for that extra protein kick. If you have time to spare, make a show of it and pop some popcorn (it's a filling, high fiber snack and super fun to watch). Hummus with pita and veggies are easy to whip out or even take along if you're headed out. Stock up on these low maintenance, healthy snacks and don't forget to pack your own. It's a win-win. 

With every habit comes the pressure of possibly falling out of routine. Don't sweat the small stuff and incorporate these habits in small increments. With these minor shifts in our daily life, you'll get right back on that healthy wagon. 

Except for the hand washing. Adopt that one right away! 


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