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Epworth Preschool

Epworth Preschool

3002 Hope Valley Rd
, NC 27707

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Located in Durham, NC, Epworth Preschool offers a variety of play-based learning programs for children ages 1-PreK.


Epworth Preschool is a community of children, teachers and parents where children's cognitive, emotional, social, and physical growth is fostered in developmentally appropriate ways. We believe that preschool children learn best through play and when they are fully and actively engaged in open-ended exploration.

A Statement of Epworth Preschool's Philosophy

Epworth Preschool's goal is to foster the cognitive, emotional, and social development of the child in a developmentally appropriate way. To achieve this goal, we provide a warm, accepting, and stimulating environment. Learning situations are set up so as to enable the child to experience mastery and a sense of competency and good self-esteem. There are opportunities for children to express themselves verbally, musically, artistically, emotionally, and physically. Children are encouraged to explore, think, and create. Play is valued as children’s real "work", and teachers provide opportunities to enhance and extend quality play.

Our classrooms are organized in centers, which are set up with activities to realize these goals. Centers found in most rooms include Blocks, Manipulatives, Art, Dramatic Play, Books/Language, Sensory Table and Science/Discovery. We also have a weekly music program for ages three to five and many of our classrooms conduct frequent cooking experiences. Classroom curriculum is structured around the use of themes (holidays, dinosaurs, seasons, the rain forest, and community helpers are some of our favorites) to foster a sense of home, family, school, and our broader world. Children ages three through five take field trips, which allows them to develop an awareness of other environments. Daily circle or group times allow the opportunity for self-expression and sharing with others. Socializing, specifically sharing and caring, is a major emphasis in all aspects of our program.

Our classrooms are each self-contained and our low teacher-student ratios provide the opportunity for teachers and the children develop a warm, strong relationship. Our day is structured with a balance of teacher- and child-initiated activities. This balance allows children to gain a sense of security from the regular routines in their daily schedule while exploring their environment through free-choice activities.



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