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Miss Mollie's School of Grace

Miss Mollie's School of Grace

824 N Buchanan Blvd
, NC 27701

HOURS: Mon. -Fri.: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Saturday: Closed -
Sunday: Closed -
CALL:  (919) 682-6030
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Welcome to Miss Mollie's School of Grace! The ages from two to five are filled with wonder, and it is our privilege to share with your preschool child the newness and excitement of discovery. For preschoolers, the world is, in the words of the poet, "full of a number of things," familiar to adults, but miraculous to these developing individuals. Seeds become plants; caterpillars eat and grow and spin and butterflies emerge in vivid colors; random marks on paper are suddenly understood to have meaning as letters and words; "one, two, three, four, five" one day translates into actual counting of objects; language grows from simple nouns and verbs into complex constructions, capable of expressing a wealth of thought.

Each child unfolds differently and approaches life in his or her individual way, some with gusto, and others more cautiously. No way is "right" or "wrong." All share in the common delight of uncovering and discovering the wonders in life, and our goal as educators is to guide each along the pathway best suited to his or her individual nature.

At Miss Mollie's, we celebrate and affirm the unique life of each child within a loving, secure, and creative small group environment, designed to stimulate curiosity and provide opportunities for learning and growth. Whether we're planting a garden, hatching chickens, raising and releasing butterflies, celebrating holidays together, learning Spanish, singing, or enjoying movement in PE class, we make learning a fun experience for all. Most of all, we want your child to come to school excited about what the morning will bring and secure in the knowledge that he/she is loved, protected, and valued.



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