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We go over the top to provide a safe and wonderful 1st time pony experience for every child. We use TWO handlers for each pony - one handler leads the pony and the 2nd &spots& the child. Our ponies are bomb proof, but children can be unpredictable so we use two experienced employees with every pony.
EPPP are the only party pony providers in West Texas and Southern New Mexico with 20 plus years of Actual &party pony& experience, along with 40+ years of owning, riding, training and caring for horses, ponies and many other farm animals. We use only Welsh ponies for their amazing temperaments and size. They are bigger and more mellow than Shetland ponies which typically can carry up to about 70lbs safely. Mini Horses are tiny and shouldn't carry more than 30lbs. We have a strict weight limit policy for the safety of pony and rider. Ponies can become crippled for life when they carry too much weight. This pain makes ponies irritable and creates biting, kicking and bucking issues. Please keep this in mind when comparing services. Our ponies are happy and healthy because we Know what we are doing and we do it well. We have NEVER had an issue with kicking, biting or bucking - EVER! We provide a premium service on every level. We can promise you that your guests will be impressed with our amazingly sweet and well trained and groomed ponies - as well as our employee's who will cater to your child with respect and knowledge.
EPPP also provides pony services for media/advertising, Grand openings and any party venue. Private pony rides for visitation's or impromptu pony surprises also, same price but less riders mean more photos! Almost like a pony ride photo shoot - change outfits, create your next Christmas card photo or... maybe Family Reunion photo. Our photographers are award winning and experienced with children as well. Our latest big win came last summer when Jackie took &Best in Show& at the Southern New Mexico Fair and Rodeo Photo competition - with a photo of a child.
We bring our Pony right to your party! Your home or party hall, Grandma's house - wherever - except a city park. Our beautiful white pony will bring a smile to everyone at the party - not just the kiddos. Our 2 EPPP handlers will escort the giddy kiddies around your yard for TWO hours. The fantastic photos of all the fun will pop up for years to come in Graduation and wedding collages - and of course every family get together. This will be a memory you will not want to forget. Plus - what a sweet surprise it will be if your guests receive an adorable picture of their child riding a pony at your party in a Thank You card. EPPP provides pony rides for parties all year round and we recommend that you book early to guarantee your party date. Most holidays, spring break and summer vacation dates book very quickly. Call (915)487-0224 to rsvp. *when available, we can do certain actual Holidays (like July 4th, Fathers Day or Memorial Day) - the fee will be $75 extra, we will miss our own holiday to be at yours.

EPPP Does NOT use any mini-horses, they should not carry more than 30 to 40 lbs without causing permanent damage and pain for the mini. We are serious when we say &SAFETY and Fun are #1& - we would NEVER cause harm to our precious ponies. Our guidelines are meant to ensure that our ponies are happy and healthy. We want happy ponies who are glad to come to parties and ride kids around, not tortured by constant pain and injury. Please do your homework when hiring a pony to come to your party, go SEE the pony and its facilities - if your happy with what you see, then great! If not, then don't bring more harm to animals whose owners don't care or worse yet have not educated themselves on how to care for animals or even know how saddle a horse of pony. Equipment is key to safety! Not only having safe, clean and maintained saddles, halters, lead ropes and such - but knowing how to USE them is extremely important to safety of rider and pony. For instance, a horse or pony lead rope is of sturdy material and build for a reason - its called Safety. So using a &dog& leash to lead a horse or pony is an accident waiting to happen - as well as fastening a saddle with nylon cords. Experience and Education is an expected part of providing a service to the public, don't settle for less. Ignorance may be bliss sometimes - but NOT
when it comes to the safety of your child.



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