FairyTails Pony Rides

FairyTails Pony Rides

CALL:  (254) 319-2130
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All of our Ponies and Horses are Rescues who have a second chance at a happy life, a Fairy Tail Ending and a New Beginning!!!!

We offer Princess or Cowboy Dress up for our Ponies and Horses or no Dress up at all.

Open Monday-Sunday and all Holidays
254-319-2130 (english)
915-630-8361 (spanish)
If no answer please text or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Current Pony Ride Rescues:
2 Welsh Ponies (Anna and Elsa) rescued from a Kill pen in Texas - these beautiful girls were dumped in a Kill Pen destined for slaughter

1 Arabian (Sweety Petey) Rescue from Arizona - Petey was starved and Rescued by an organization in Arizon and after 4 years of no one wanting to adopt him due to is age we came along and gave him a happy home

1 Fjord (Pepper) Rescue from New Mexico - Pepper was abandoned by her former owner and saved by a lucky group of ladies till we came along to offer her a forever home

Our Proceeds help support our other Rescues and future Rescues from terrible situations. Our Rescues come from all over the United States and all kinds of very sad situations. Some starved, some abandoned, some pulled from kill pens before shipping to slaughter.

Other Rescues:

2 Appoloosa's (Piper and Dancer) Rescues from Texas and Oklahoma - Dancer was dumped at a Kill Pen bound for a slaughter house. Piper was starved and in need of our help

1 Paint (Casper) Rescue from Texas - Casper was left alone by himself in a stall and has almost no top teeth due to cribbing from being alone

Every Rider will be asked to sign a wavier of liability before riding. As with any animal you just never know what might happen. Our Horses and Ponies are ridden by kids and adults of all ages and are very safe and friendly.



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