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Our curriculum

Change for the better ..
one should have a clear understanding of the change..it involves more or less a new life with a new methodology..it cant be done overnight'€¦Above all I think the readiness to accept ones error should be realized'€¦.but if there is some kind of defensive mechanism in the errors made then change will be remote..Iit will become a bitter pill to swallow and the change will be for the moment'€¦
When a change takes place the life style and the behavior pattern'€¦obviously will change and we must reorganize ourselves to respond positively
As individuals, each with their own attitudes, perceptions, personal agendas, and behaviors, must be redirected to respond to the change in a positive way. we have to meet with them as individuals or small groups to listen to issues and concerns, and to discuss differences.
The managers applying the Change Management methodology are responsible for planning, directing, and implementing the change. They must have a clear understanding of the effect of the change on all aspects of the organization. To make the change effort work, these individuals must:

Recognize and assess readiness,
To choose a flexible strategy,
To prepare a suitable plan,
To Develop a vision to meet the goals
To reach out and work with committment
Identify potential problems such as resistance, risks, barriers
To provide space to open and regular communication,
It is important to provide guidance and direction,
To obtain the right resources for good results,
To encourage, promote teamwork and productive action,
To motivate to achieve the target strength,
To monitor study and evaluate the end results.

Management Methodology and its Importance

Individuals, who are responsible for applying the Change Management methodology, need skills in the following areas:

Defining, communicating, and monitoring plans,

Setting goals,

Introducing operational procedures and policies,

Selecting team members, building teams, and delegating tasks,

Evaluating employees' capabilities and coaching them to improve performance,

Communicating openly and being friendly,

Identifying issues and solving problems,

Working with all levels of the organization.



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