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Third Phase Christian Center

Third Phase Christian Center

15755 Allisonville Rd
Noblesville, IN 46060

CALL:  (317) 773-5100
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Third Phase operates a long term rehabilitation program for women who are victims of abuse or neglect and a short term emergency shelter for needy men or women. Over 5000 women have graduated from the program and 80% of them are now living productive lives.

Emergency Shelter:
We have two bedrooms which are designated as shelter rooms for Hamilton County. People are referred through the Fire Department, Police, Red Cross, Trustees, or Churches.
People who come to the shelter have usually either been evicted from their home or apartment, their homes may have been burned, they may have just been released from jail, or they may have been found living in cars or the street.

Facilities & Programs

Our Facilities:
Third Phase is a Christian Center located on the south side of Noblesville, Indiana. It has a 33-room house on 10 acres of land. It has a large wooded area, a spring, and a pond to fish in.
There are rolling hills suitable for sledding in the winter months.
In the spring, a large vegetable garden is planted. We also take pride in a rose garden. We plant other flowers each year which the girls help with also.
We have space to think, work, study, and recover.
We have a food pantry, a household goods pantry, and a used clothing store, with donated products for those in need.
We also have facilities that aid in the distribution of food for those who are hungry.

Our Programs:
We have bible study once a week. We have devotions each morning. We have grace before each meal. A girl that is full of bitterness needs to work hard and be willing to let go of the bitterness. She needs to learn to love and trust. She needs to have those around her support and be there to help all the time. A girl that has been abused or experienced incest needs a lot of help to improve herself image. She needs time to forgive and trust again. There needs to be a time of inner healing. Third Phase seeks to provide that time.

How it works:
If you "Live-in", life is like that of a family.
Instead of going out to work, the work is done here. Everyone has a list of jobs which they are responsible for. Each one has a laundry day. All have kitchen chores. All help with the cleaning, gardening, pantry and outside work.
The rules of the house are summed up this way: A list of house rules is given to each person who comes to live here. Each person is to go by these rules and do as they are told.
There is no smoking allowed on the property, inside or outside. No alcoholic drinks, and no drugs unless they are doctor prescribed. No individual radios, TV's, or music boxes. Music is a vital part of this program, and Christian and Classical selections are played throughout the day.
The daily schedule is very busy. This in itself is part of the therapy of this program. Being up, bed made by 8:00am, starts the day. Bedtime is at 11:00pm.
Our relaxation is dictated by the weather. It could be outside (fishing, volleyball, basketball) or inside (playing scrabble, checkers, or chess).

Third Phase Women’s Shelter and Food Pantry Needs Your Help!!

Because of rising economy, demand for food at our pantry has doubled since January of last year. Last year, Third Phase served over 25,000 needy families in Hamilton County. This year, we could reach 35,000.

Volunteer - we need skilled and unskilled volunteers - call (317) 773-5100

Finance Details:
Third Phase is a 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, and Third Phase does not receive any government assistance.
Contributions to this work are made by individuals, businesses, churches, and those who use our facilities. Dinners, luncheons, breakfasts, seminars, and retreats are hosted for groups to help them and our income as well. We recycle aluminum cans, glass, newspapers, and cardboard. All proceeds go to meet the needs of the center.
Everyone contributes according to their ability and severity of their problems. Each contribution is a vital part of this ministry. As a charitable organization, we are always short of finances. We continue only by the help of those who think the work of the center is important.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please call us at (317) 773-5100.



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