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Ventures Outdoor Education



At Ventures, we value the connection between people and the earth. Too many children are growing up without truly experiencing what it is like to live as part of the natural world, and there are so many consequences that can be seen in society because of that. We believe that exposure to outdoor skills should be a vital part of every child's development and because of that, we have created opportunities for them to call on their innate curiosity and creativity to explore what nature has to offer under the guidance of an experienced outdoor leader.

We hold a variety of programs for many ages and abilities, including everything from nature-inspired art to plant identification to outdoor survival skills and more. We also offer programs that can be customized to fit your child or group specifically, and will work with you to build one that will best benefit the needs/interest of your child or children. It is through all of these different programs that we hope to foster a connection with the outdoors and have children learn more about their surroundings, as well as each other and themselves. In addition to promoting their stages of development as growing children, these programs are simply a lot of fun.

To put it frankly, we run these programs because we have found that there are very few things more powerful than a child in the outdoors, because the young mind that is placed in the wild world is bound to find lessons much beyond any book.



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