Eden's Garden Daycare

Eden's Garden Daycare

214 Lyfka Street
Fort Collins
, CO 80525

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The question that students are asking in classes all over the country is: “Why do I need to learn this?” Compass High School will provide them with the skills and opportunities to answer this question themselves. Our 21st Century school is being designed by a diverse team of educators, students, artists, and community leaders in an entrepreneurial business incubator where we are embedding secondary education into real world problem solving and meaningful work. With the help and expertise of a “360 Team” (teachers, peers, and community mentors) our students, ages 11-19, will work in multi-age teams on interdisciplinary, contextually relevant projects that inspire deep learning of academic, social emotional, and 21st Century skills.

We are creating a small learning community where every student and family is known and valued, and equity and wellness are foundational to our high expectations of one another. Our schedule will support this goal by having flexible start and end times, and daily advisories with a cohort of peers and a staff learning coach. Our school building will also support these goals; environmentally regenerative and as forward thinking in its approach to space and technology as it is responsive to adolescent needs. Of equal importance, the campus we are creating is porous and infinitely large; students will work in the local and global community as much as they will work in the school building. Collaborative, creative, and international in scope, Fort Collins’ business, nonprofit, artistic, and university partners are uniquely positioned to engage our students in meaningful project-based learning and internships. Compass High School is doing more than answering the relevancy question, it is helping students to discover learning with purpose; to author the best possible story of their lives and of our collective future.



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