Global Village Academy- Fort Collins

Global Village Academy- Fort Collins

2130 W Horsetooth Rd
Fort Collins
, CO 80526-6436

CALL:  (970) 282-3767
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Global Village Academy is a public charter school with language immersion instruction in Mandarin, Spanish and French.

Our students develop a GLOBAL perspective by learning a second language; exploring diverse cultures, to cultivate understanding and respect; and developing the skills to live and work with others internationally – all essential elements for life in the 21st century.

With the world as the context for education, students need to find their place, their voice, and their dream. Our VILLAGE provides the support and the challenge to motivate students to excel in school and in life. Their success depends upon their own initiative and the support of peers, teachers, parents, and the wider community.

The ACADEMY has always been a symbol of rigorous education, critical thinking abilities, and love of knowledge. Through project-based learning, students explore units that span each language village. These units integrate core subjects and encourage students to ask questions in their active search for knowledge.



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