Jessup Farm Artisan Village

Jessup Farm Artisan Village

1921 Jessup Dr
Fort Collins
, CO 80525



Back around the turn of the century when Fort Collins was a sleepy little agricultural town and Timberline was nothing but a farm road, Joseph and Mary Jessup bought property from Joseph’s uncle that was east of town on the bluff above the Poudre River. Joseph built the brick farmhouse, then the barn and other outbuildings and turned the property into a proper farmstead.

The Jessups and their sons worked the farm and owned the property into the mid 1950s. In 1963, members of the Johnson family, who were prominent landowners in the area and had the farm “next door” on Drake, just east of Timberline, purchased the farmstead. The Jessup Farm was incorporated into the Johnson Farm and the whole property became Spring Creek Farms. (Part of the land in Spring Creek Farms owned by Edwin and Cora Johnson became Edora Park in the early 1970s.)

As Fort Collins grew, like many farm properties in the area, Spring Creek Farms was eventually sold for development. In 2011, new owners Gino, Michael, Tony, Dominick, and Nico Campana created an innovative, adaptive reuse plan to preserve, restore, and rehabilitate the historic integrity of Joseph and Mary Jessup’s farmstead into the Jessup Farm Artisan Village.

Combining elements of New Urbanist planning with concepts drawn from the farm-to-table and farmer’s market movements, Bellisimo’s plan incorporates the Artisan Village into a broader residential neighborhood that encompasses much of the historic Jessup and Johnson family farmlands.

While Joseph and Mary Jessup may have trouble recognizing their farmstead today, it still sits high on the bluff to welcome neighbors and anyone else who wants to drop by for a cup of coffee, a bite to eat, or anything else that the Jessup Farm Artisan Village has to offer.

Jessup Farm Artisan Village is proud to be the home for an immensely talented group of artisans. This page will introduce the various businesses run by the artisans at Jessup Farm:

Jessup Farm Barrel House
1921 Jessup Drive (the Barn)
The Jessup Farm Barrel House brews and serves barrel-aged and blended beers of different varieties and styles. A partnership between Gino Campana and Brad Lincoln and Gordon Schuck of Funkwerks brewery, The Barrel House focuses on beer blending and barrel aging, utilizing around 100 wine, bourbon, and specialty barrels to give character to various base beer styles.

Bindle Coffee
1933 Jessup Drive (the Mechanic's Shop)
Bindle Coffee exists to provide a space and environment that gives people room to breathe, to dream and to enjoy beautiful food & coffee. Bindle is the forging of artistry and ritual. It is restorative and comforting. It is handmade. Sit & Savor.

Cacciatore at Hellers Kitchen
1939 Jessup Drive, Suite 110 (the Loafing Shed)
Delicious Italian Cooking. Imagine a place where EVERYTHING is made from scratch. Homemade pizza's, grinders, cavatelli, gnocchi and much much more. Enjoy wines on tap or delight in a local microbrew. We offer take out or you can dine in! Look for Chef to add cooking classes and special wine pairing menus. Make a reservation to sit IN our kitchen at the "Chef's table'! It will be an experience you will never forget.

1939 Jessup Drive, Suite 130 (the Loafing Shed)
The mission of HEYDAY is to provide beautiful, classic attire and furnishings for the simple-living lifestyle. HEYDAY is a fresh, clean, playful retail shop epitomizing the simple-living lifestyle. The shop juxtaposes simplicity with luxury, old with new, large with small and fun with serious. By blending variously scaled items and contrasting textures the environment and experience will feel intimate and welcoming. A beautiful lifestyle is within reach and can be complemented by blending well-worn pieces with simple and classic HEYDAY elements.

Clayton Jenkins Studio
1939 Jessup Drive, Suite 140 (the Loafing Shed)
Anyone can push a button; what distinguishes Clayton is his ability to put you at ease, to turn a portrait session into your moment, to make your moment last a lifetime. His signature black and white images inside beautiful framing and vibrant, colorful, gallery wrapped canvases will adorn your walls for many years to come. It’s exactly that timeless look that represents what many clients have come to enjoy from Clayton.

Kennedy's Lucky 27 Barbershop and Social Club
1945 Jessup Drive (the Garage)
A classic, authentic neighborhood Barbershop for the whole family. Kennedy's is the new sister shop to "Sammie's Lucky 27 Barbershop" in CSU's Campus West. Stop in and get a fresh, clean look by any one of the talented barbers on staff.

The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm
1957 Jessup Drive (the Farmhouse)
Food + Libations. Taking the utmost care to use authentic ingredients, creatively utilizing the entire vegetable, fruit or animal, and preserving to extend the harvest are Chef Joel Navejas’ first priorities in the kitchen at The Farmhouse. Navajas’ Colorado Rustic menus will change with the seasons and feature eggs from the onsite chicken coop, and herbs and produce from the quarter-acre garden in the backyard when available. Local ingredients, including blue corn from Native Prairie Farm, will be the stars of the menu that make the Farmhouse at Jessup Farm an engaging dining experience.

Reve Fitness
1981 Jessup Drive (the Stables)
Reve - as in rev it up, a REVElation in fitness, a place that is destined to REVElutionize health clubs. Our team is committed to providing fun, effective fitness programs that work with your schedule and budget. Think of it as a fitness a la carte. You only pay for what you want - and what you want is what we have. Join the REVElution!



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