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Boring, depression-inducing newscasts got you in the dumps? Then get out of that slump, discover Hello SWFL, and join a dozen top storytellers doing their best to make this seaside sanctuary a rich environment of swiffle experiences and swiffle tales.

What's a swiffle? It's a word we made up that describes our storytelling. A swiffle story is based on our mission statement: “Local news focused on connection, balance, and depth." We're here to try new things using today's technology and find out how to tell the best swiffle stories in the process.

Like what you see? Great! Let us know! Hate it? Still great! Still let us know!

Tired of reading this? I sure am tired of writing it, so how about we strike a deal? I get back to my job of making amazing swiffle content, while you click anywhere on our Facebook page to be transported to a world you never knew existed in your SWFL community. Deal? FANTASTIC!

Yours truly,
Hello Swiffle (SWFL)



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