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15 Upcoming Family Movies to See in 2023

New movies the kids and grown-ups will love headed your way this year

February 28, 2023

Deciding how to spend a Friday night can cause some serious family drama.  Leave the emotional moments for the big screen thanks to the blockbuster lineup of family movies headed our way this year.


March 17 - Shazam: Fury of the Gods  [WATCH TRAILER]

The continued adventures of Billy Batson and his alter ego superhero, Shazam, just trying to save the world, again.


April 7 - The Super Mario Bros Movie  [WATCH TRAILER]

It’s-a Mario time.  Get your Mario fix in this animated adventure complete with all the characters and underground labyrinths you love.


April 28 - Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret  [WATCH TRAILER]

The coming-of-age classic finally hits theaters and we're so ready to relive our fave tween read with the kids.


May 26 - The Little Mermaid  [WATCH TRAILER]

Disney’s long-anticipated live-action version of Ariel’s undersea world is coming and we can’t wait to be part of her world.


June 2 - Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse  [WATCH TRAILER

The arachno-superhero is back in an all-new animated adventure full of bad guys and webs, standard Spiderman stuff.


June 16 - Elemental  [WATCH TRAILER

The latest Disney-Pixar project goes back to basics with a story about earth, wind, fire, and water and we’re intrigued.


June 30 - Harold and the Purple Crayon  [MORE INFO]

Draw up some nice seats for this show, it's destined to be a family favorite.


July 21 - Barbie  [WATCH TRAILER

This live-action Barbie adventure is expected to be big-kid-friendly and with Ryan Gosling, def mom-friendly.


August 4 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem  [MORE INFO]

Animated turtles, crime-fighting in the sewers, and of course pizza.  Cowabunga.


August 11 - The Haunted Mansion  [MORE INFO]

Disney’s bringing its famous ride to life with a star-studded cast and enough jump scares to thrill any brave kid (or parent).


October 13 - Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie  [MORE INFO]

Crime-fighting pups, meteors granting superpowers, and wholesome life lessons?  Sounds about right.


November 17 - Trolls 3: The Trollstopia  [MORE INFO]

Details are scarce but rest assured Poppy and her pals will be back for more singing and dancing.


November 22 - Wish  [MORE INFO]

The animated, music-filled back story of the original Disney wishing star, so it’ll be fun and educational, nice.


December 15 - Wonka  [MORE INFO]

Roald Dahl fans get pumped for the origin story of our fave candy maker in this new take on the Chocolate Factory.


Migration - December 22 [MORE INFO]

A family of ducks, cross-continental migration, and lots of laughs are in store from this upcoming animated film that’s still mostly under wraps.