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10 Best Zoos to Visit in 2023

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

February 21, 2023

Break out of hibernation mode and hit the road to visit one of the 25 best zoos in the country.  Take a walk on the wild side to see creatures great and small and of course, hit the gift shop on the way out.  

1. The Alaska Zoo - Anchorage, AK

Arctic animals in their natural habitat?  Nuf said.

2. The Audubon Nature Institute - New Orleans, LA

Big-time nature in the Big Easy.  NOLA can be a family-friendly vacay spot after all.

3. The Bronx Zoo - New York, NY

10,000 animals in the heart of NYC equals one magical experience.

4. Brookfield Zoo - Brookfield, IL

80 years of animal adventures in Chicago and one of few places to see pangolins in the US.

5. Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium - Omaha, NE

160 acres of plants and animals that make the Midwest feel super exotic.

6. San Diego Zoo - San Diego, CA

As if San Diego wasn't already great, seeing pandas will seriously top off your visit.

7. Columbus Zoo & Aquarium - Powell, OH

Zoo + aquarium + waterpark + golf club + campground, need we say more?

8. Philadelphia Zoo - Philadelphia, PA

America's first zoo is still a top spot for family fun.

9. Saint Louis Zoo - St. Louis, MO

Award-winning and free every single day, nice.

10. Fort Worth Zoo - Fort Worth, TX

With 1 million visitors annually, everything really is bigger in Texas.