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17 of Moms' Favorite Podcasts in 2023

True crime, health, parenting and more top moms' fave audio picks

March 17, 2023

Podcast newbie or regular listener, it’s time to freshen up your playlist.  Moms across the country shared their fave podcasts with us and we’re dishing out the deets on what’s hot in 2023.  So pop in those earbuds and steal a little time for yourself, seriously you have earned it.

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1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

The NYT bestselling author gives tips, research-based strategies and conducts interviews to help your life be a little happier, def a good thing.

2. Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Author and host Nora McInerny lays bare those subjects we all face but don't really wanna talk about - death, divorce, debt - all with some humor thrown in for good measure.

3. We Can Do Hard Things

Host Glennon Doyle has helped millions navigate tough times and her podcast sticks with what works - talking honestly about the difficult stuff we all face.

4. Unf*ck Your Brain

Certified confidence coach Kara Loewentheil helps women overcome anxiety and insecurity so they can get what they want from life personally and professionally, sounds good to us.

5. You Are Not Broken

Live your best love life thanks to this doctor’s candid and fun advice that talks about all those topics you don’t necessarily want to chat about on the playground.

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1. Crime Junkie

Each weekly episode unpacks one true crime case in under an hour. Get your criminal fix and go.

2. Morning Cup of Murder

A look back at historical crimes happening during each daily episode, all in about 10 minutes, or the time it takes your kids to get out of the car.

3. Not Another True Crime Podcast

Covers all things sketchy from crime to cults with a lot of laughs along the way.


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1. Good Inside with Dr. Becky 

Parenting is tough, Dr. Becky's got answers that work.  Potty training to teenagers, she covers it all.

2. The Mom Hour 

Two relatable moms bare all about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to parenting kids of all ages.

3. Raising Good Humans

Your secret weapon for handling those big feelings and tricky situations that happen when raising people from toddlers to teens.

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1. Hidden Brain 

We've all got one, best learn more about its works and quirks through science and storytelling.

2. History Chicks

Deep dive into the lives of historically important women from ones you've heard of (Queen Elizabeth) to ones you probably haven't (Victoria Woodhull).

3. Code Switch

The award-winning podcast that addresses issues of race and its effect on every part of our society.

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1. The Way I Heard It

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame tackles issues from pop culture to the supply chain with his own take and good humor.

2. Endless Thread

Hosts dig into the dark corners of the internet to find untold stories you won't hear anywhere else like Russian antiwar You Tubers and llamas at weddings.

3. This American Life

The classic that just keeps on giving with captivating stories about life you just can't quit.