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12 Ways to Volunteer as a Family

Get involved and give back to the community

November 3, 2023

Volunteering lets you spend some QT with the kids and do good too. But let's face it, finding ways that kids can actually participate that's not just raising money or donating old toys can be tough. We've tracked down 12 options for families to volunteer together, from cooking to building to reading to pets. So don't just say you want to help your community. Get out there and do it.

1. Food Banks
Help sort, package, or distribute food at your local food bank 

2. Meals on Wheels
Take on a route and help serve meals to those in need

3. Letters for Soldiers
Write letters, cards, or notes of support to our active-duty military personnel

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4. Cook for Families
Make dinner for Ronald McDonald house guests in your local community

5. Animal Shelters
Read to dogs, visit with cats, or foster an animal in your home

6. Trash Pickup
Join a community litter clean-up event, adopt a section of sidewalk, road or beach, or bring a bag on your next walk around the neighborhood

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7. Plant Trees 
Get your hands dirty and green up your town by planting trees

8. Visit the Elderly 
Reach out to local assisted living facilities or senior centers, stop by and read a story, do a puzzle, or just spend some time

9. Habitat for Humanity 
Contact your local chapter to see how your family can get involved — from building to cooking meals, there are options for all ages and abilities

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10. Little Free Library 
Join the movement and build your own LFL, then stock it from your overflowing bookshelf or with yard sale finds 

11. Locks of Love 
Turn that next haircut into an act of generosity and donate it to make wigs for kids with hair loss

12. Project Linus 
Make no-sew fleece blankets to donate to kids in need

Do good and feel good this year during the holidays and far beyond. Turns out volunteering is the best gift you can give, and it's never the wrong size.