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9 Slang Words You Should Know in 2023

How many of these GenZ terms are you up on?

April 6, 2023

Nothing makes you feel (and sound) older than using out-of-date slang (as if). Stay in the now with nine slang words you need to know to stay hip in 2023. Use at your own risk, but at least you'll know what teens, co-workers or those cool kids on TikTok are actually saying.

1. No Cap: real or authentic
"The kids actually ate my homemade mac and cheese, no cap."

2. Bussin: so good, especially when it comes to food
"This kale and quinoa salad is bussin."

3. Rent free: something or someone you can't stop thinking about, stuck in your head
"This Kidz Bop version of Anti-hero is seriously living rent-free in my mind."

4. Lowkey: something you secretly want but don't want to be obvious about it
"I'm lowkey excited about seeing Dude Perfect live on tour."

Dean Drobot via Canva

5. Rizz: how much game you've got in getting a romantic partner or flirting
"My brother's got all the ladies, talk about mad rizz."

6. NPC: a video game acronym for nonplayer character but used to explain someone acting in an unusual or robotic way
"PTA asking for fundraising volunteers has got me giving off NPC energy."

7. Drip: someone who has a good sense of style
"When Ashleigh breaks out the leather boots and infinity scarf, she's got the drip."

Wavebreakmedia via Canva

8. Based: when you agree with someone's opinion
"Emily never gets a plastic straw at Starbucks, she's pretty based for that."

9. Hit Different: something that affects you in a more meaningful way than usual
"Listening to Miley's Flowers just hits different on a late-night Target run."