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5 Activewear Options We Can't Stop Buying

Get luxury brand looks at a price your wallet will love

April 28, 2023

Love luxury activewear but not the price tag? We hear ya because let's face it, family life is pretty pricey in 2023 so anytime we can save a buck we're in.  Some luxury brand athleisure wear is comfortable, flattering, and trendy but our budget just doesn't agree. Let's just say we're excited about these five activewear styles from Amazon that we can't stop buying.

1. Leggings
We love leggings, but let's face it, $100 (or more) is a big ask from our wallets. TikTok users swear by this version sold on Amazon by ColorfulKoala. And tbh, we can see why:

  • 46,000+ reviews
  • buttery-soft fabric
  • pockets!
  • only $25

Amazon reviewer Erin says: "These are perfect, very soft and stretchy but the high waist holds everything in without being uncomfortable or cutting into you."

2. Shorts
Running shorts are activewear staples. But get ready price conscious peeps, cause these pairs sold on Amazon are wowing the crowd. 

  • 24 color options
  • only $28
  • side zip pocket

Amazon reviewer Shiloe says: "I don’t think i’ll go back to the lululemon speed up shorts after these! they are an almost exact replica, and in my opinion so much more flattering."

3. Belt Bag
If you've been hiding under a rock (or dealing with kids – same thing) fanny packs are back and bigger than ever. But now we call them belt bags. Want to spend less and get the same convenience and style as the luxury brand? This popular product should do the trick.

  • Amazon bestseller
  • 34 color options
  • Just $16.98

Amazon reviewer Nevada says: "I absolutely love this bag, it was cheap and it's basically the same thing as any lulu No one even notices its different!"

4. Tank Top
Workout tanks have a cult following and we'd be drinking the Kool-Aid too if our budget was bigger. Enter this Amazon-available style that promises the same support, comfort, and on-trend look for a fraction of the price.

  • 31,000+ positive reviews
  • 23 color options
  • Only $23

Amazon reviewer Mary says: "LOVE THIS! It’s perfect lululemon dupe! So comfy and great support!"

5. Jacket
Women everywhere have ditched the hoodies and upped their style game with activewear jackets. And it's easy to see why with their flattering and comfy fit. But with a $100+ price tag, there's got to be another way. This version might be the answer.

  • Slim fit style
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • 24 color options
  • Just $40

Amazon reviewer Joanie says: "This jacket is perfection. I can’t justify spending over a hundred dollars on a jacket from Lululemon , and found the perfect dupe."