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6 Easy Ways to Celebrate the Last Day of School

Simple ideas for marking the milestone day with the kids

May 5, 2023

It's about time to close the book on another year of learning. Before you bid lunch boxes, permission slips, and pick-up lines adieu, make a plan to send the school year out with a bang. 

1. End-of-Year Photo
We never forget (well almost) that first day of school photo so don't forget the last day either. It's fun to see how much they've changed over the past nine months. And to see how much our standards have slipped in the clothing and lunch packing departments. No shame, we're right there with you.

2. Last Day of School Sign
Take your last-day photo to the next level with one of those cute signs filled with current info about your kid. Someday they'll love seeing those fun facts about themselves and it gives you a chance to show off how you were crushing parenting.

3. Sign My Shirt
Send your kids to school in a plain shirt and have friends and teachers sign it. You win the day for a fun last-day memento and they finally won't get in trouble for getting Sharpie on their clothes. Score.

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4. Year in Review
Print off one of these year in review sheets to fill out with your kid and save for posterity. Also gives you a chance to make up for blowing those baby book intentions.

5. Special Outing Tradition
If you don't already have a traditional outing or activity for the last day, it's a great year to start. Grab an ice cream, hit up the park or bowling alley. Anything to mark the occasion and kick off summer with some fun. Cause we all know after a couple of weeks of summer, our energy for fun outings can really take a dive.

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6. Treat the Teacher
Don't forget to end the year with a thank you for the teachers. They've put in their time with your kids, they deserve a little something. Skip the World's Best Teacher Mugs this year and give 'em something they really want from this list written by an actual teacher.

Now get ready for summer, cause for the next few months they're all yours.