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7 Getaways for your Next Girls' Weekend Away

Food, adventure or just chilling out, your perfect trip awaits

May 4, 2023

Grab your pals, pack your bags, and leave your domestic duties behind. It's time for a girls' getaway. There's something magical about getting out of town and only having to pack your own bag for once. Whether your squad is into food, outdoor adventure, or gambling it all, there's a perfect trip for every crew. 

1. Vino Vacay
A weekend without the kids and tasting wine all day? Sign us up. And with 3000 commercial vineyards in the US and at least one winery in each state, you won't have to go far. 

2. Pedal-Powered Fun
Remember when you and your BFF's would hop on your bikes and roam the neighborhood all summer? Live the dream again, just in a more grown up way. Hit up one of the many scenic bike trails across the US. Urban to rural, swamps to mountains, there are so many bike trail options these days. Burning calories and reliving your youth make for an amazing trip.

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3. Fandom Fiesta
Think about your favorite TV shows, the ones you and your friends are constantly quoting? Imagine a trip where you can visit filming locations for say, Dawson's Creek or the town that inspired Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls. Just be sure to leave the family behind for this one, they won't get the magic.

4. Cozy Cabin
Obsessed with tiny houses? Dreaming of a minimalist life in nature? Book a Getaway Tiny Cabin stay and open the door to relationship building sans the stress and screens. Plus Hulafrog readers get $30 off when they book with Getaway now thanks to a partnership Getaway has with our sister site, CertifiKID. Hello nature, goodbye chaos.


5. Tasting Tour
For most of us vacation = food. So why not make it the focus of the trip? Follow a self-designated food trail like the Cheese Trail in Wisconsin, the Doughnut Trail in Ohio, or the Green Chile Trail of New Mexico. Eating, seeing the sights, queueing up the ultimate playlist. Doesn't get any better than that.

6. Wager Your Weekend
Prefer a more risky rendezvous with the crew? Head to a casino and test your luck. 44 states currently have casinos, so you won't have to hop a plane or travel too far to find one, and odds are in your favor it'll come with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Casino calories don't count.

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7. Giddyup Getaway
Saddle up for serious fun when you and the cowgirls hit up a dude ranch. Horses, fresh air and accommodations as fancy as you want make for a unique and memorable trip. Billy Crystal and his City Slickers costars had a blast, just leave the calves on the farm.