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Speranza Animal Rescue

Speranza Animal Rescue

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The Speranza Story:
Janine Guido is a Carlisle High School graduate who has always had a passion for helping animals in need. At the age of 27, she realized that this was more than a hobby to her; this was her purpose in life. In the spring of 2012 Speranza Animal Rescue was officially established. Speranza means “hope” in Italian.
converting spare stalls in the horse barn on her parents’ farm in Monroe Township into kennels and using every penny to her name, Janine started rescuing as many dogs as possible from high kill shelters and other unfortunate circumstances.
Janine is committed to saving the dogs that no one else will; the abused, neglected, and ones in need of much veterinary care. She works with several local veterinarians, and not-so-local specialists, to ensure that her animals not only get the love and affection that they deserve, but also all of the medical attention that they need.

Speranza has taken in dogs with dislocated shoulders, broken bones, many cases of severe skin infection, a few heart worm infected dogs, several dogs requiring eye surgeries, several cases of starvation and a variety of other issues. Resources and space and the only things that limit the animals saved.

The reality of the situation is that if Speranza is going to be committed to saving the dogs in the most need of medical attention, then Speranza is also going to have to be committed to continual fundraising to support the mission. Speranza Animal Rescue received its 501c3 Tax-Deductible Non-Profit status from the IRS in early 2014, making all donations tax deductible.

Speranza is committed to saving as many animals as possible and finding them their forever homes. The hours required and dollars needed to save and rehabilitate these animals in need will not deter Janine from pursuing the mission of Speranza Animal Rescue.
Rescue Rehab and Haven

Speranza Animal Rescue has saved dogs from a variety of grim situations. Janine has spent hours in the rain to catch a stray, entered numerous abandoned dwellings not knowing what she would find, saved many dogs from euthanasia in shelters, stepped up to take in countless injured dogs and has driven hours to help with hoarding situations… just to name a few. Speranza is an all breed, all species rescue. However, our mission has brought more Pit Bull Terriers and other bully breeds through the rescue than any other breed. Janine has saved small dogs and large dogs, Labs and Hounds, but Speranza takes much pride in supporting the Pit Bull Breed.

Janine has made a commitment to save the true under dogs; regardless of how much time or money it will take to make the animal healthy, happy and carefree. She has a special gift that allows her to take a terrified, neglected dog and, with time and affection, turn it into a loving, friendly dog. Speranza has not shied away from an ailment or injury yet. Several of our dogs have had life saving surgeries and several others have had surgeries to improve overall quality of life. Speranza is fortunate to have tremendous support from local veterinarians, wonderful volunteers and it is located on a beautiful green countryside farm. We have found this combination to work wonders on these animals.
Speranza Animal Rescue is not only a rescue, but it is also a haven for the dogs that are not adoptable, due to medical or behavioral issues. There is no time limit for dogs at Speranza. Every animal that comes to Speranza is guaranteed a lifetime of love, green pastures and happiness; until they find their perfect home or for the rest of their natural life.

If you are interested in making a donation :
PAYPAL: Speranzarescue@yahoo.com or visit our website for a link to PayPal

OR send check to:

Speranza Animal Rescue
1216 Brandt Rd
Mechanicsburg PA 17055

We also have an Amazon Wishlist with lots of items that we need: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1LGO4LO7YRQGO/ref=cm_sw_r_ip_wl_o_vbZ8ub0M4ZJG9



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