The King Art Studio

The King Art Studio

2016 W Sunset Rd
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At the King Art Studio, we believe that each individual is creative in their own way, we strive for our students to strengthen their artistic talents. We believe that our students should be inspired, and given positive reinforcement as the schools today are cutting arts programs across the board, not allowing students to think subjectively, or allowing them to be innovative. There are many career paths that need innovative thinkers. There are positions in the world of art such as architecture, gallerists, designers of many kinds. With that said, our belief is that success is not measured by one defining position in their field of work. Rather, it is measured by having a vision, believing in it We encourage our students to be confident, to take risks, to believe in themselves, all of which will excel them in many aspects of their lives. Our students are encouraged to think outside of the box.

Art is not just visual, it is subjective, emotional and cultural. We not only want to enhance our students creative abilities, but want them to appreciate art history by integration into classes, and broaden their cultural horizons.



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