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8 Tax Day Deals and Freebies to Ease Your 2023 Filing Pain

Burgers, wings, even a massage to make those 2023 taxes easier to swallow

April 14, 2023

Wishing you'd been able to find a few more deductions this tax season? Well get ready to boost your refund with these tax day deals. 

1. Kona Ice - Track down your local Kona Ice truck and get a free Kona Ice. That's a deduction we'll gladly take.

2. Cheesecake Factory - You've adulted enough today, place an online order using code TAXDAY1040 and get $10.40 off your meal of $50+.

3. Hooters - Let loose and grab one of three 1040EZ meals for just $10.40 on Tuesday April 18 only. Wings and fries beat the tax blues.

4. Wayback Burgers - Use the Wayback app to place your order and get 18% off. That's a tax bracket we can get behind.

5. White Castle - Swing by the Castle and save 18% on your order. That's some royal savings.

6. Grimaldi's - $10.40 off your order of $30 or more in-store or online? Don't mind if we do.

7. Planet Fitness - Melt your tax stress away with a free hydromassage at Planet Fitness locations from April 15-18.

8. Office Depot/Office Max - Does the home office need some tidying after tax time chaos? Use this coupon for 5 lbs of in-store shredding through April 29. Exciting? No. Smart? Yes.