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5 Gifts Guaranteed to Make Any Kid's Day

Become the ultimate gift giver with these clutter free and easy gift ideas for kids

April 28, 2023

We love birthdays, holidays, and other gift-giving occasions. What we don't love? The inevitable clutter that comes after all the unwrapping is over. Those toys they had to have get tossed aside after a few days and we're left picking up the pieces, literally. 

Luckily there's an easy fix that everyone (even your picky pint-sized people) will enjoy. It's all about experience gifts. Give kids the gift of time together, of learning new things, of going new places. Minds expanded, memories made, messes not a problem. Take a look at some of our fave options for giving more than just stuff that are guaranteed to crown you ultimate gift giver.

1. Subscription Boxes for the Win

What's better than unwrapping one gift? Unboxing something new each month, which is why we can't get enough of subscription gifts. We're super fans of KiwiCo thanks to their STEAM-focused projects that get the whole family playing and learning together. Plus they're designed by experts and tested by kids so you'll be gifting some high-quality fun.

Even better, right now get 50% off your first box when you use code MACARONI. You're getting smarter already.


2. Local Attractions to Love

Who says you need to travel to gain new experiences? Take a look around at all the museums and attractions in your backyard. Wrap up a family pass to your local children's museum, trampoline park, bowling alley, zoo or other fave location. 

BONUS IDEA: Personalize a bingo card like this and fill it with local attractions. Let your kid get bingo (or go big for blackout) and rediscover how much fun it is to spend time together, you know with the eye-rolling and arguing and...

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3. Set Them Up With New Skills

What better gift to give than a new skill? Think cooking classes, music lessons, sports camps, or art workshops. Not only are you supporting local businesses and expanding your kids' horizons but they'll gain self-confidence and make new friends. Don't think the latest video game or character toy can flex those kinds of results.

BONUS IDEA: Host a recital, dinner, sports match, or art show for friends and family. Let your kid show off their new skills and keep their interest going strong.

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4. Books, Board Games, and Puzzles, Oh My

That feeling of cracking open a new book or unwrapping a new game or puzzle? Priceless. When you want to give a kid an amazing gift, stock their library or schedule a family game night. They may not light up quite like ripping open the latest CoComelon gadget, but trust us, they'll thank you later, like when they're mopping the floor with you at that game you taught them to play. 

BONUS IDEA: Offer up some family prizes for books read or treat the winner of game night to some swag. A little friendly competition among relatives can really ramp up the fun.

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5. Make a Day of It

Will a kid remember the toy they got for their 8th birthday? Probably not. Will they remember the time they had an entire day out with a loved one? Count on it. Take them to lunch, get a mani-pedi, go fishing or for a hike. It doesn't really matter what you do, it's about making it special. And stopping for ice cream never hurts either.

BONUS IDEA: Go all out and turn the day into a scavenger hunt. After your first stop, give them a clue to the next item on the agenda. How hard you make the clues is up to you, what's def easy? Having an ah-mazing day.

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It's not so hard to unlock that ultimate gifter status. Just clear your calendar, make some plans and don your crown.