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10 Summer Fashion Trends for 2023

Hit the pool and summer camp drop off in style this season

May 12, 2023

Break out the summer clothes, warm weather is here. If you’re headed to the mall for a little fashion refresh, we’ve got the scoop on what’s trending this season in summer styles. And for the record, not all of these looks will be going in our cart.

1. Cargo Pants
Cargo pants are giving us some Y2K vibes, but we’re cool with that because pockets. Cell phone in one, bag of goldfish in another. Turns out those pants are totally practical for moms. We’re on board.

Iuliyan Metodiev | Canva

2. Tassels and Fringe
Pick up a statement shirt featuring some tassels or fringe, which is apparently hot this summer. Just don’t go overboard and be mistaken for a throw blanket or something, a little tassel goes a long way.

Bogdan Sonjachnyj | Canva

3. Low Rise Waists
Ok, we’re just saying it like it is. We're not having any more of those low-rise jeans. Bending over to pick up a kid does not need to be a public show. Nope, we’re skipping this one, sorry fashionistas.

Wavebreakmedia | Canva

4. Floral Patterns
Not sure how novel this is but we’ll go along with it. Floral prints are fun (in moderation) for warm weather. Just be careful hanging around outside, bees are buzzing, you’ve been warned.

nappy | Canva

5. Asymmetric Hem Lines
We like this one. It’s giving us runway style without major risk. Plus if you’re a little asymmetric yourself (and who among us isn’t after carrying kids around on one hip for years) it’s a great fashion fixer.

ijiequn | Pixabay

6. Sheer Everything
Yeah, we’re gonna take a pass on this one, but you do you. After motherhood and middle age have taken effect, we’ve found opaque to be our friend, not so much with the transparent styles.

javi_indy | Canva

7. Big Bags
We were trendy without knowing it. That huge bag you’re hauling around filled with your stuff, snacks for the soccer team, and random items you’ve picked up along the way is now the hottest accessory going. Well done.

Veronica Gomez Pola | Canva

8. Tank Tops
Um, ok. Not sure we needed luxury brands to revisit the tank top to pique our interest but we’re glad they did. We’ll pick up some in all the colors and call ourselves trendsetters.

Josh Willink | Canva

9. Underwear as Outerwear
Do we even need to discuss this? Our kids are sometimes inadvertently sporting this style, but we have no intention of joining in.

javi_indy | Canva

10. Crochet Tops
The 70’s are back with these fun and funky crochet looks. They’re easy and breezy and make us feel totally groovy. Just be careful sitting on your grandma’s couch, you’ll disappear amongst the afghans.

Alena Ozerova | Canva