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5 Facts You Never Knew About the US Flag

You've had it wrong all these years...

June 7, 2023

Tip your hat to the old Stars and Stripes on June 14, it's Flag Day. One of those mysterious days on the calendar where we still have to work but it's also a holiday? What gives? You can thank President Woodrow Wilson for the confusion. In 1916 he proclaimed June 14 as Flag Day, a day to observe the flag. Clear as mud right? 

In an attempt to observe the day, here are five fun facts about the US flag you can use to bore your friends and family or give you the edge in your next trivia smackdown.

1. Betsy Ross? Not so much.
Sorry Betsy. We all learned you patriotically sewed that first US flag but history doesn't exactly back up your story. Betsy's tale of nifty needling didn't appear until 100 years after the first flag was created, and then was only relayed by a relative. Seems a bit sus. The jury's still out on the original creator. Could be Betsy, but we may never know. 

2. Fly me to the moon
NASA astronauts on the moon were feeling rather patriotic. There are allegedly still six US flags planted in those neighborly craters though scientists say they'd be bleached white by now after heavy UV radiation. China also has a flag planted on the moon but they took a proactive stance and created a heavy-duty version to "last a long time." Let the star wars begin.

NASA CCO Images | Canva

3. Breaking the law
Better hope Uncle Sam doesn't study up on the law. Turns out that according to the Flag Code it's illegal for anyone to display the flag on apparel (exceptions for military and first responders). Also illegal? Using the flag for advertising purposes. Might be time to brush up on performing a citizen's arrest. 

4. Superflag baby
You thought the US flags flying in front of your local RV superstore were big. The Superflag (yep it's even named) is the biggest version of the Stars and Stripes in existence. Coming in at an impressive 505 feet wide and 225 feet tall, it takes at least 500 people to unfurl. Let's hope it doesn't make an appearance at the next Little League game, those things last long enough as is.

Roxanne Minnish | Canva

5. 15 Minutes of fame
Hundreds of flags fly over the US Capitol every day and each morning, new ones are raised. Talk about only getting your 15 minutes of fame. Luckily for you, US citizens can reach out to their legislators and request one of the flags that flew over the capitol building. Bring a little bit of DC to your corner of the country, well the flag anyway, leave the political bickering for the pros.