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How to Host the Easiest Fourth of July Party Ever

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June 30, 2023

All of a sudden it's July again and time to celebrate the Fourth. So much for your big dreams of a perfectly curated party. Time for plan b. These super speedy ideas for throwing together the chillest bash in town will keep your patriotic potential sparkling. 

1. Decor
Thanks but no thanks, Pinterest, for your hot glue and intricately designed (albeit impressive) decorations. We need speed and simplicity. That's why we're breaking out these bandana decorating hacks. Head to your nearest dollar store and grab red, white, and blue bandanas on the cheap. Arrange them on tables for instant festive fun. Hang them from a clothesline to make a patriotic banner. Stuff them in mason jars to create a tablescape of color. Decorating done.

Hoosier Homemade

2. Ambience
Wait, ambience for a family Fourth of July party? Touche, but there are a few easy things you can do to set the mood. Queue up some music and we don't mean John Philip Sousa marches, our patriotism only goes so far. Your fave Spotify playlist will work, or use one of their holiday recs like this. Really want to go all out? Dig out your Christmas decorations and grab some lights – red, white, blue perhaps? String them up in the backyard and you've got some 5-minute mood lighting.

Larry Crain | Canva

3. Food
Google Fourth of July menus and you'll be inundated with over-the-top ideas for everything from appetizers to desserts in perfect star-shaped designs. That's great but who's got the time? And honestly, if the food is good, nobody cares how festive it is. So keep it simple. Fire up the grill with some burgers and brats. Grab some potato or macaroni salad from the grocery store, cut up a watermelon, add a few bags of chips and cookies and you've got an All-American feast, no kitchen time required.

Andrey Bozhkov | Canva

4. Entertainment
One of the best things about a Fourth of July party is keeping it all outside, including kids and chaos. That also means your entertainment options are plentiful. Drag out the cornhole set, the gigantic Jenga, the hula hoops, and let everyone go to town. If you really wanna step it up a notch, pick up a few sets of those instant-fill water balloons and watch the soggy merriment ensue. Another fun trick is to grab spray paint and create tic-tac-toe, hopscotch, or other classic games on the grass. Next time you mow, they're gone.

DavidPrahl | Canva

5. Enjoy
Remember that hosting a party is about spending time with friends and family not stressing out over every little thing. Nobody will remember those small details, only that they had a blast. Get your sparkle on and celebrate the good ol' US of A with your nearest and dearest.

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