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10 Must Haves for Your Next Beach Trip

Mom approved recs for the ultimate day out

July 14, 2023

Nothing says summer like a day spent playing in the waves and surf. We asked moms across the country what they're packing, other than sand, and they've got some recs to make your next trip a real day at the beach. 

1. Take a Load Off
When you're not chasing the kids and waves, make sure you've got a comfy place to park. West Chester PA Macaroni KID publisher Jen Anderson never leaves home without her Tommy Bahama Backpack chair. It's lightweight, fully reclines, and includes an insulated cooler pouch, so kinda magic.

2. Haul it All
Family beach day means bringing a lot of stuff. Jamie Ratner, mom of two and CEO of CertifiKID, Macaroni KID, and Hulafrog loves her Scout bag for shore trips and a lot more. The on-trend designs look great and the bags are durable and even hold up to 75lbs (or you know, some portion of what your kids need to survive a day).


3. Catch Some Dry Time
Say buh-bye to bulky, sand-filled beach towels. Savvy beach mom, Erin Michael, also the Plymouth, MA Macaroni KID publisher, loves her Sand Cloud beach towel. Its lightweight absorbent material is also sand resistant. So she stays dry and the sand stays put.

4. Throwing Some Shade
In the know mom and Kennewick-Richland, WA Macaroni KID publisher, Brittany Joyner, never hits the sand without her Sun Ninja pop-up tent. Billed as the world's best beach tent, its easy setup, portability, and sun protection keep her fam cool and ready for all-day play.

Sun Ninja

5. Hydrate Like a Boss
Sun, sand, and salty air can all do a number on your skin. That's why Christina Skeldon, South Shore Boston Macaroni KID publisher, swears by Evian Mist Spray to get her through those beach days. It keeps her skin refreshed, hydrated, and looking amazing.

6. Bugs Be Gone
A quick way to ruin your beach day? Buzzing, biting, annoying bugs. Head 'em off at the pass like Chicago Northside Macaroni KID publisher Debra Flanagan does. Bug spray is her beach bag must-have cuz she's not wasting time with bugs when there's water to enjoy.

Maridav | Canva

7. Keep it Cool
An all-day beach trip requires plenty of food and drinks to keep the fun going strong. Bayside-Northeast Queens NY Macaroni KID publisher, Grace Agostino, trusts her Yeti cooler to keep her family happy and fed. No leaving early for her crew, she can keep 'em fueled with fresh, cool options til bedtime.

8. Sayonara Sand
Expert beachgoers like Diane Kehm, Kitsap WA Macaroni KID publisher, easily leave sand behind when they head home from a day at the coast. Applying baby powder all over after leaving the water takes the sand right off.

Evgeniyaphotography | Canva

9. Turtle Time
Kayt Myers, VP of Sales for Macaroni KID, CertifiKID, and Hulafrog, keeps sealife in mind when heading out for a beach day. She always brings her own reusable water bottle and straw, trash bag, and reef-safe sunscreen. Taking care of sea turtles and the ocean ecosystems ensures future generations will get to enjoy the pleasure of hauling too much stuff to the beach with their own families.

10. Let's Go Snacking
Hulafrog Today's Managing Editor, Susannah Ferguson, will leave the tackle box for someone else's day at the beach but she's all about the snacklebox. You know, a tacklebox full of snacks? It's the ultimate waterproof snack hack, like a charcuterie board for the beach. Food's up!