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What to Do With All Those Digital Photos

August 18, 2023

How many photos are on your phone right now? Probably too many. We're right there with you. Easily accessible cameras plus adorable kids equals endless photo opps. So what are you supposed to do with all those precious pics? We've got some tips to tame the photo fiasco and get your phone storage back under control.

The first step in streamlining the snapshots is to get organized. We all have 342 pictures of a toddler's knee or a six-year-old's nose when the phone was left unattended. Time to get cozy with the delete button. Same thing with those vacation pictures. Yay for your kid's first trip down the zipline, but do you need 58 pictures of that momentous event? Probably not. Pick a couple of great ones and say goodbye to the rest. 

Oh wait, you don't have endless hours to pore over your photo files? Tackle this task in bite-sized bits. Spend five minutes going through photos while sitting in the pickup line at school. Instead of mindless Instagram scrolling before bed, delete 300 photos. Pretty soon, you'll have a much more manageable gallery to deal with.

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Now that you have photos worthy of keeping, where to store them? You've got a few options.

  • Keep them on your phone - the easiest choice and super convenient for texting to friends or posting to social media. But unless you've got endless storage, probably not super feasible in the long term. 
  • Stash them on your computer - plug your phone in, download, and done. This can be a simple way to move photos off your phone and organize them onto your computer. They're still easily accessible and convenient for sharing with family.
  • Send them to the cloud - upload those photos to the cloud for long term, safe storage. No need to worry about your hard drive crashing, your phone getting lost or other tech mishaps. The cloud will keep them safe (somehow, don't ask us for the deets) and you can still access to download for sharing or other uses. Most free cloud services (iCloud, Google Photos) have storage limits, so if this is your preferred strategy, prepare to pay some fees. But tbh the peace of mind might be well worth a few dollars a month.
  • Put them on an external hard drive/flash drive - prefer to keep your photos in your possession? Download them onto a hard drive or flash drive and feel confident they're always close by. Depending on your file sizes, prepare to spend a comparable amount to cloud storage services for your hard drive collection.

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The best part about having streamlined, organized digital images? Enjoying them. Family gifts become a breeze when you can easily assemble photo books, calendars, and more. Finding the perfect "student of the week" photos for your kid to show off is simple. Want to win that argument with your spouse about what actually went down on that road trip 3 years ago? The proof is at your fingertips. 

Managing those digital images isn't rocket science, it just takes a plan and some consistency. You manage to keep these kids fed, you've definitely got this.