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6 Tips For Finding Friends as a Mom

September 1, 2023

For a job where you're never alone, parenting can be surprisingly isolating. It doesn't help that making friends as an adult is hard. So how are you supposed to find your mom BFF's? We've got some tips to track down the pals that'll keep you sane while you're in the trenches of raising little people.

1. Online Communities
We're on social media too much anyway, may as well use it for good. Seek out mom-focused or other special interest groups on social media platforms like Facebook. It's a low-commitment way to meet new people and see if you're ready to take your friendship to the next level, like a playdate at the park.

2. Library Events
We love the library. What other free, climate-controlled place can you go where they're happy to see you and your kids? Become a regular at storytime or other events and chat it up with potential parent pals. You've already got a shared interest so breaking the ice should be easy peasy.

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3. Kid-Parent Classes
Do some multitasking by signing up for a mommy and me class and making new friends all in one. Whether it's stroller fitness or baby yoga, classes like these are good for everyone and make it easy to find other parents that might be your next bestie. 

4. Volunteer
Do some good and get your social on by volunteering. Help out at school, church, or other family events in your area. It'll force you to get out there and interact with other parents. And the fact that you're helping your community is icing on the cake.

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5. Moms Groups
Be a joiner and sign up for a local in-person mom or parent group like MOPS, MOMS Club, Mamistad or others. The whole goal is friendship and support so you know everyone is looking to make friends. Talk about easy. 

6. Kids' Classes & Activities
Once your kids reach a certain age, it's pretty likely they'll join some kind of club, sport, or activity. This means you'll probably spend a lot of time waiting, watching, and cheering. It's also the perfect chance to befriend other parents doing the exact same thing. Nothing like showing up to a tee-ball game twice a week for 6 weeks to bring on some major bonding.