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7 Fall Fashion Trends That'll be Everywhere in 2023

September 8, 2023

When pumpkin spice starts popping up you know it's sweater weather. Be the cutest pumpkin in the patch and prepped for every fall photo opp with these trends that experts claim will be everywhere this season.

1. Red on Repeat
This fall celebs are rockin' the red carpet, literally. Everything from dresses to shoes to bags are coming up red as roses. Doesn't get much easier to stay fresh this season than grabbing something red from your closet and calling yourself a trendsetter.

DianaIndiana | Canva

2. Give 'em the Cold Shoulder
This fall's fashion elite are letting their summer tans see the light of day a bit longer with off-the-shoulder styles. The hottest shirts and dresses alike keep you cool during warm fall days.

annastories | Canva

3. Bangs are the Bomb
Not everyone can pull off bangs, but if you're one of the lucky ones then take advantage of this year's trendiest styles. Curtain and birkin bangs are ruling the salon and guarantee some good hair days in your future.

Renthel Cueto | Canva

4. Point Your Toes
Kick off the new season in style with some uber-popular pointed-toe shoe styles. Loafers, flats, and heels are all getting straight to the point this year.

Cristina Zamanillo Delgado | Canva

5. Mellow Yellow
Another color making a splash this season is yellow. From soft shades to zesty mustards, yellow was slathered around the runways in this year's fall shows. Channel your inner Spongebob and get some yellow on.

mentatdgt | Canva

6. Rock the Red Hair
Freshen up your do with some spicy color. This season's specialty? Red in all shades. Forget about blondes, redheads are definitely having more fun this fall.

CoffeeAndMilk | Canva

7. These Boots Were Made for Walking
Fall and boots go hand in hand and this year is no exception. For 2023, the taller the boot the better. Over the knee, and thigh-high styles are popping up everywhere. Every day looks brighter when you're sporting the perfect pair of boots.

Mubarak Salam | Canva