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12 Quick and Easy Ideas for Handmade Holiday Gifts

October 27, 2023

We all know that once Halloween has passed, it's basically New Year's. So if you want to actually make some holiday gifts this year, it's definitely time to start. To help check "make gifts" off your list in a flash, we're bringing you some quick and easy homemade gifts you can whip up in no time. So grab your glue gun, it's time to get crafty.

Food gifts are always a hit and there's more to offer than another plate of fudge (although we'll totally take the fudge).

1. Put it in a Jar
Soup, cookie, brownie, hot chocolate, pancake mixes – layer them in a clear jar and it's easy on the eyes and the stomach.

2. Dipped Spoons
Dip plastic spoons in chocolate, caramel, or other melted candy for a quick and useful treat for friends and family.

3. Family Recipes
Share the love by whipping up a batch of a beloved family recipe, bonus points for including the recipe with the treats.

Malinkaphoto | Canva

Take advantage of your adorable kids and create photo gifts your family will love. 

4. Photo Planter
Decoupage photos onto a planter using Mod Podge, add a ribbon and your fave houseplant and you've grown into quite the gift giver.

5. Photo Ornaments
Pick up some wooden ornament shapes from a craft store, print out photos, and use Mod Podge to create your one-of-a-kind keepsakes. 

6. Photo Games
Really want to be extra? Use your family photos to create a unique version of classic games like Guess Who, Memory, or Go Fish. Do you have any Grandmas?

skynesher | Canva

Handmade gifts sure to top the bestsellers list.

They'll never lose their spot again with a handcrafted bookmark. Upcycle paint chips from the hardware store, laminate dried flowers, use your kids' artwork – the possibilities are endless.

8. Tote Bag
For those trips to the library or bookstore, every reader needs a great book bag. Customize a plain canvas tote with kids' drawings, stencils, or iron on transfers.

9. Bookends
Keep their shelves in shape with handmade bookends. Paint or fabric can transform scraps of wood into beautiful home decor. Or consider all those rocks your kids had to bring home from the park, the bigger ones can make a bookend any reader would cherish.

pixelshot | Canva

Help them look their best all year long.

10. Dry Shampoo
Who among us doesn't rely on dry shampoo to get through the day? Whip up some of your own and gift it to your besties. The simplest recipes are just cornstarch and coloring (cocoa powder for brunettes, cinnamon powder for redheads, activated charcoal for dark brown and black hair). Easier than showering.

11. Lip Scrub
Jump on the soft lips bandwagon with a batch of lip scrub. Basic recipes start with just sugar and honey, but you can get fancier from there. Tasty and good for your face? No arguments here.

12. Bath Bombs
Relive your childhood chemistry set days by cooking up bath bombs. Grab the necessary ingredients from most stores (baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, essential oils) and get to work. As much fun to make as they are to use.

If you start now, there's still plenty of time to tackle these projects, or you know, put it off for a couple more months to heighten the excitement. No shame in that holiday game.