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Things to do in Hulafrog at Home: Compete in Nailed It! At Home Experience

Compete in Nailed It! At Home Experience


Saturday, 6/26   
3:00 pm  

Note: Times Shown are EDT.



Netflix's hit series Nailed It! pits amateur bakers against each other to see who makes the least disastrous creation... and now it's your turn to fail your way to the top! Cakes will overflow, frosting will melt and everything might just fall apart... but a ridiculously good time will be had by all! When you purchase a ticket, a baking kit will be delivered directly to your door with most of what you'll need to participate (flour, sugar, piping bags, etc.) and instructions on what else you'll need at home (milk, butter, etc.). This online experience combines all the best ingredients of Nailed It!: hilarity, chaos and fails... cooking up an unforgettable product that will leave you craving more!