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Things to do in Hulafrog at Home: The Trivia Slam Game: At-Home Family Edition

The Trivia Slam Game: At-Home Family Edition

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts

Saturday, 5/16   
11:00 am  

Note: Times Shown are EDT.



Stuck at home and looking for fun with your kids? Can'€™t go out because the world has gone crazy? Round up your family for a quiz you can play at home on your phone or computer. The new Virtual Trivia Slam brings players together in this age of social-distancing.

The Trivia Host will reveal the questions via video conferencing, and you'€™ll play along in the Watson Adventures app, which can be used in any mobile or desktop browser. The questions cover a variety of fun topics, from general knowledge to pop culture, and feature audio cues, visual puzzles, musical trivia, and more.

Joining the game is simple. On the day of your event, you will receive a video conferencing link and instructions to distribute to your fellow participants. All participants must keep their Zoom video on during the game.

Please note that the same questions are offered for each game. Stay tuned for news of new editions.