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Create & Learn

My 8-year-old daughter participated in their free class on how to make your own Kahoot game. She loved the class and the teacher was super patient with all of the kids.

The Crab House at Two Mile Landing

Our family LOVES 2 Mile. They serve the kids meals on frisbees (that they take home) and each meal comes with an ice cream sandwich and "gold token" to their prize chest. The kids love it and we love bribing them with the last two options if they don't behave. ;)

ABC Television Channel

My family looks forward to this every year! Can't wait!

Ice Queen Cosplay

My daughter has tuned in for a few of these fun events on Facebook and she's always thrilled to see some of her favorite Princesses live!

National Liberty Museum

My daughter really enjoyed this event and it held her attention the entire time. She loved creating her own "Super Hero" mask at the end. Thank you National Liberty Museum for an educational fun & free program.