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Things to do in Hulafrog at Home: Vernardos Circus Wanderlust Livestream with All New Acts

Vernardos Circus Wanderlust Livestream with All New Acts


Saturday, 8/1    OTHER DATES »
7:00 pm  

Note: Times Shown are EDT.

COST: Single Viewer Ticket: $16.50 Multi-Viewer Family 3-Ticket Pack: $29.99 Multi-Viewer Family 6-Ticket Pack: $55.00 Multi-Viewer Block Party 12-Ticket Pack: $99.99 GO TO EVENT HERE »


VENARDOS CIRCUS is a unique Broadway-style Circus that was on tour, traveling America when COVID-19 brought live, in-person events to a halt in mid-March 2020. We have pivoted to online, high-quality, 4K streaming, multi-camera streaming with high-quality audio.

Join Us For Our August, Wanderlust Livestream Featuring ALL-NEW ACTS acts for our third ever Livestream performance.

We have adapted our show format using our pre-existing outdoor Circus stage and backdrop where we will be presenting a modified version of our in-person show, completely online. Due to the nature of our performers each being individual family groups with their own props and acts we will be able to feature them on camera without breaking social distancing protocols. (Our small crew has merged our family unit as a socially distanced bubble together at this point.)

Created by former Ringling Bros. Ringmaster Kevin Venardos (veh-NARR-dos), the Venardos Circus wraps world-class animal-free circus acts into a Broadway Musical-style format dubbed '€œThe American Circus with the heart of a Broadway Show.'€

Guests can expect to be transported back in time to the center ring of a centuries-old tradition, but one that has been reinvented for the next generation. With an amazing assortment of aerialists, acrobats, juggling, balancing, comedy, daredeviltry, magic, musical production and MUCH more, this amazing Circus experience will truly delight Adults and Kids of all ages.

Viewers will need an internet-connected device in order to watch - usually a computer, laptop or tablet. A unique link will be emailed to you with your purchase confirmation. When using the portal to view the live show you will log in with the same email you used to purchase your tickets.

We will send you a follow-up email to your unique link and your password to the online event at 4:00 Central Time, 2 hours before our 6pm Central Time showtime.


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