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The Most Loved Awards

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We kick off every new year with voting for our Most Loved Awards. Parents vote on their favorite businesses in each category and the business with the most votes wins this coveted title, along with bragging rights for a year.

The Most Loved Awards™ honor the local businesses that parents adore most. The winners are featured in a newsletter that is sent out to ALL Hulafrog subscribers AND get a Winners certificate to frame and put on their wall, as well as a badge for their website, Facebook page and Hulafrog profile page.

How to Participate in the MLAs

Once we say “go” in early January, the voting functionality will be live on Hulafrog. You’ll just need to send customers to your Hulafrog profile and ask them to vote. They’ll see a popup prompting them to vote for you!

During the voting period you can share your Hulafrog profile with local parents and followers so they can VOTE for your business.

MLA voting

AND Get ready, next year’s awards kick off on January 7, 2021!

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Get More Love All Year Round

How else can you get some love from your customers when it’s NOT Most Loved Awards season? Ask them to click the love it heard on your profile to show their support.

What is the Love It!   Button?

Love It Heart

The “Love It!” button is a super easy way for parents to show their support for the businesses and activities they love most!

Get found first! Business listings on Hulafrog are sorted by number of “Loves.” The more “Loves” you get the easier it is for parents to find you.

Positive Endorsements.

Hulafrog’s rating system is “Love It!” or leave it. You won’t find any low-star rankings or thumbs down on this site.

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