Things to do in National: Join an Apple Cake: A Gratitude Story & Craft

Join an Apple Cake: A Gratitude Story & Craft

New-York Historical Society

Tuesday, 11/22   
3:30 pm  

Note: Times Shown are EDT.



This Thanksgiving week the New-York Historical Society will be reading Apple Cake: A Gratitude, written by Dawn Casey and illustrated by Genevieve Godbout. This simple rhyming story of a young girl and her dog reminds everyone to be grateful for the natural world, and the family and friends you get to share it with. What are you grateful for, Little New-Yorkers? After the book, make your own apple cake craft project filled with the things that you are thankful for! And they'€™ll share the book'€™s apple cake recipe, as well! Each class includes a special hello song, silly dances and games, a story book reading, and a craft to do after the story.