Book of the Week

December 13, 2020 | 

Book of the Week: What Should Danny Do? On Vacation 

Author: Granit Levi

Cost: $19.62 on Amazon (hardcover) 

Our book release of the week is “What Should Danny Do? On Vacation.” This is the latest choose your own adventure book in the popular series for early elementary school kids. It’s basically 9 stories in 1. Both parents and kids rave about the series.

Amazon reviewer Maggie Smith gives it 5 stars and says: 


"A Great Book for Kids of All Ages" "So many lessons about making good choices at a level kids can understand. My kids love all the books, but I think this one really took it to the next level. The main character is so relatable and watching him make decisions (right or wrong) always conveys a great lesson on the process of good decision making. My kids enjoy reading the wrong decisions as much as they do the good ones and I think they learn just as much from those. The storyline in this book is so much fun."