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No amount of neurotic over planning can overcome the cold hard fact that when your life involves a kid, there is literally never a moment when you’re completely safe from getting “the call.” Your kid is sick, come pick her up from school. Your new nanny won’t be showing up today after all. The crucial client meeting scheduled to end at 4 has unexpectedly morphed into a working dinner.

We started Nanno because we’ve been there – heck, one of us will probably be there again sometime in the next 7 days.

Before receiving “the call,” you were an integrated and high-functioning member of a complex network of colleagues, coworkers, employees, teammates, all working together to get things done. After receiving “the call,” you are alone. No one can help you. Whatever else you might have been doing before, or planning to do later, is no longer happening. Your kid needs you. You are the only one who can do it.

Except, deep down inside, you know you’re really not.

Nanno is founded on the premise that at any given moment there are a half dozen capable, responsible people – some of whom you may even know – within a stone’s throw from the epicenter of your latest childcare fail, ready and willing to save the day.

If only you could find them.

Nanno is here to help you do just that.



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