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Stricker's Grove

Stricker's Grove

11490 Hamilton Cleves Rd
, OH 45013

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Stricker's Grove is a family owned amusement park located in Ross, Ohio, USA. Unlike other amusement parks, Stricker's Grove is closed to the public for most of the year. Instead, it is rented out for private functions, such as weddings. The park is open to the public for 8 days of every year, on July 4, 4 days in mid July for the Hamilton County 4-H Community Fair, the second Sunday in August (Family Day), Labor Day, and a Sunday in October called "Customer Appreciation Day".HistoryThe park was first started in 1924 in Mt. Healthy, Ohio by Henry Stricker on of property. Stricker initially used the land for a place for coworkers to come to on weekends to picnic and enjoy the countryside. A dance hall was later added, and was designed so that if the park failed, it could be converted into a chicken coop.In the 1940s, a pony card ride was added along with a horse and pony track. The first rides arrived at the park in 1954, including the Boat Ride and the Rockets, both of which remain in operation.Upon Henry's death in 1960, the park was passed on to his three sons, Harold, Elmer, and Ralph. In 1972, the park was relocated to Ross, Ohio and Ralph became the sole owner. Ralph died in January 2007. His daughter and three longtime employees now operate the park.Rides and attractionsStricker's Grove currently has several amusement rides, including two "classic" wooden roller coasters.TornadoThe larger of the roller coasters is Tornado, designed by Al Collins and built by Ralph Stricker. The ride started construction in 1990 and opened in 1993. The ride runs a single Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters train. The Tornado is a mirror image of the former John Allen designed Comet at the now defunct Rocky Glen Park.



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